Friday, January 18, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I missed the boat on holiday cards this year, SO I sent out New Years cards instead! They were pint sized, but hopefully made someone smile:)

I'd like to bring in the new year with BETTER skin! So to help me with that, I ordered two bars of my fave face 'soap,' the WONDERBAR! I swear it's magic! 
Even after the first use..your skin is way too soft for its own good!:)
 I got mine on super sale at for only $16 a bar, when they normally go for $40 a bar!

On Dec. 23rd my mom & dad celebrated 40 years of marriage! They'll continue celebration with a trip to Europe this spring!

We had a wonderful Christmas & new year! Here are a few of my fave photos:

wishing you all the best in 2013!

I plan to revamp my website & blog..stay tuned..more to come!


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Ahhhhh Summer time! It's definetely been a hot one! Luckily both kids did swim lessons, so we were able to cool off somewhat! They both LOVE the pool! Can't wait for more lessons until they're confident swimmers! Love this pic of them on the last day of lessons...
Here is a good one of Doug & Brynn (she has NO fear in the water!)

Recent purchases...

LOVE these shoes for Evan! They're Perry Ellis and made 80% from recycled plastic bottles! They'll be great this fall with jeans for preschool!:)

and had to pick these up for myself, of course!:)

Four of my favorite things from Trader Joes!
( seaweed crackers, freeze dried bluberries, rice crackers & olive oil popcorn )

A case of kombucha....thank you, dougie-fresh! One of my fave thing at Whole Foods!

Recently I've worked on two big wedding invitation orders! Here is one I did for my cousin & his fiance.

Here are some birth announcement mock-ups I did for a friend from highschool....

I love my new hot pink tassel key chain! I bought it at
*The best part is 10% of the proceeds go to the Africa Yoga Project

My old one I bought at the Marc Jacob's store in San Francisco (on my first vacation with Doug!)

Our current house project is THE KITCHEN!:) we antique glazed our cabinets. They're darker & we love it! Here is the after.....

Here is the before (much better after, huh?)

Also, we tiled our fireplace, to give it more of a textured/stone look..we love it!

Here is a shot of my new floral arrangement I whipped up...along with two new paintings hung on top of each other in our dining room.

FINALLY! I am reading "Fifty Shades of Grey." It does live up to the hype!:)

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
xo, Karah

Monday, December 12, 2011

food...books...and cards!

*Sharing photos of some of our recent eats/snacks/favorites!


I just bought this book & it's amazing!! I can't put it down! It really touches on gratitude and bringing out creativity within your children! {I'm highlighting it as I read it!}

*and I just ordered this book on Amazon!

This week I got an order for baby shower invites!
 These are actually postcards.
Gotta love a cowboy theme!:)

This will be my fourth year making Christmas cards for a landscaping company in Naperville, Illinois.  I designed and printed 150 cards & envelopes.



We do a charity program thru Doug's work every year, called "Christmas Cherubs."
 This year we got a brother & sister (ages 3 and 4.) Each child needs 3 gifts. 
I wrapped them & labeled them and an extremely kind lady at Doug's work,
delivers these gifts to the families in need!  
 Doug and I are looking for volunteer opportunities in Kansas City, this holiday season!

A friend asked me to create notecards as gifts. I did 12 of each design.

*Plan to mail our holiday cards tomorrow! :)

I found classes for the kids! The winter classes at the Blue Valley Rec. start in Jan. I plan to sign myself up for a pilates class! Evan will take an art class with me and Brynn and I will take a swimming class! Can't wait! We love this rec.'s where Evan took his gymnastics class!

 I hope your home is filled with love and joy!
XOXO, Karah